Write a Note


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Knit and note from a knitter in Concord, MA.



You may be wondering how a Syrian refugee (primarily an Arabic speaker) is going to be able to read your note written in English. This is an excellent question, and the answer is dependent on your resources. There are a number of options for you to choose from.





1) You can write in English. English is a wide-spread language. Many people around the globe know English, or some amount of it. Though not all Syrian refugees will know how to read your note, it is probable that they will have access to an English speaker who can translate for them. I also have access to friends and teachers who speak and write in Arabic fluently, so I will get as many notes translated as possible.

2) You can write in Arabic. This is dependent on the resources you have around you. Do you know someone who speaks/writes in Arabic? Ask them for help. Is there an Arabic teacher at your school or community center? They could help you as well.

3) You can do both! The links below are resources to help you write in Arabic. Remember that Arabic is written from right to left! So if you put two Arabic phrases together, order them correctly.

4) Personalize your note! Add drawings, photos, or small mementos of your life to share.